Purchase Guarantee

Your purchase guarantee

The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing we always seek. Therefore, we have a professionally trained team with professional experience, multiple practical experiences and credibility at work. The dresses we offer to our customers fall under a rigorous system that checks the quality of dresses, from design to sewing to delivery. In addition to guaranteed quality and outstanding service, we offer you the best prices for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of bride dresses and a variety of special occasion dresses. We devote all our efforts to making sure our customers get the perfect dresses that are suitable for them at any occasion. In the following, we state how to ensure the quality of dresses:

Order Confirmation

The size and color of the dress are important and critical during manufacturing. Therefore, we have dedicated staff to review customer order details and check anything that may affect the processing of selected dresses. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your order.

Processing and inspection

Any piece of clothing and accessories we offer is designed by professional and experienced fashion designers. We also have advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure manufacturing quality. Therefore, you find that the process of manufacturing is applied very well and in a strict manner. So do not worry about the designs and quality of the dresses provided by maziona.com.

All dresses and accessories pass through strict quality assurance procedures before delivery to the customer. Each product is subject to strict inspection from home and abroad by highly trained quality personnel according to the requirements of work and ISO international quality standards. A thorough check is then performed to ensure that the product complies with all details specified in the customer order. The product is only allowed to be shipped after it meets all standards and requirements!

Packing & Shipping

Before packing, we conduct a thorough check to ensure that the product matches the customer's request and the appropriate accessories are included.

Our packing team then follows effective ways to avoid potential damage that can occur during the filling process where it is ensured that the package is waterproof, pressure-resistant and air-free.

In the end, the request is delivered to the customer by one of our reliable mailing staff.

Tracking parcel

Once the parcel has been sent out, the customers will receive an email message informing them of the tracking number. So that they can start tracking their parcel within two days; our customer service team continues tracking the parcel until it reaches the customer safely.

Excellent customer service

Maziona.com has exceptional customer service, available daily to help customers. Regardless of the problem you are facing, we are always here to serve you.